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Terminal Block

The Terminal Block function is to connect wires with simplicity and speed without soldering.

In SCR Electronic Components you can find a rich terminal block variety. The rich selection gives the possibility to create an accurate connection that matches the number of the wires their voltage and other needs of the circuit.

At SCR Electronic Component you can find feed through terminal block, PCB screw terminal block, pluggable terminal block, barrier terminal block and more.

The various types of the terminal block are carefully selected by a professional and skilled staff of the company to ensure the high quality of the terminals.

The Terminal Block also comes to us from the world's leading manufacturers in order to ensure their durability and high quality.

To ensure that our customers receive the best, the products that come to us undergo stringent quality control by the highly skilled and professional staff of SCR Electronic Components.

Thousands of new and veteran customers from a wide range of fields of activity are constantly re-purchasing SCR Electronic Components products due to the uncompromising quality, professionalism of the team and the vast experience of the company.

If you have not found what you are looking for or need advice from our professional staff you can contact us at +972 35596755 or by leaving a message on the website.

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