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In SCR Electronic Components can be found in a wide range of terminals connectors for connecting wires. With insulation and without insulation in a wide variety of colors, finite, sizes, shapes, materials and more.

Here you can find cord end terminal, non-insulated sleeve, cord end twin terminal, insulated spade terminal, non- insulated ring terminal, insulated pin terminal, PCB terminal vertical, auto terminal, fully insulated connector, nylon fully insulated connector, insulated butt connector, insulated piggyback, insulated bullet connector and more.

The terminals connectors are carefully selected and undergo quality control by a professional and skilled staff to ensure the high quality of the terminals connectors.

The large variety of terminals connectors provide solutions for almost all types of wires and connections.

Many customers from different industries in the industry use SCR terminals connectors and repeat over and over again thanks to the quality and professional service of the company.

SCR Electronic Components is the leading company in electronics and electronic components and has many years of experience. The company keeps up to date with all the developments and innovations that the field has to offer and ensures that its customers are provided with the highest quality and most innovative products.

Our professional team is at your service for any questions. You can contact us by phone at +972 35596755 or by leaving a message on the site.

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