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In CSR Electronic Components can be found a wide selection of switches.

There are, automatic, mechanical switches, LED switches, tact switch rocker switch, dip switch, rotary switch, micro switch, toggle switch, keypads, reed switch, and magnetic sensors, push switch and slide switch.

In addition, the switches come in different shapes, sizes, voltages, and a number of different pines in order to make perfect adjustments to the needs of the switches.

The SCR Electronic Components switches provide a perfect solution to many customers from different industries.

Our customers, old and new, come back time after time thanks to the uncompromising quality and professional service of SCR Electronic Components.

SCR Electron Components has been in the field since 1978 and was founded by an electronics engineer who manages it to date.

Since then SCR Electronic Components has been careful to maintain professionalism in innovation and service and therefore maintains the lead in electronics and electronic components.

If you did not find what you were looking for, you can consult us at +972 35596755 or leave a message on the site.

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