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A resistor is a component whose function is to slow down and resist the amount of the current in the circuit. The electrical resistance is usually indicated by the letter R.

Each resistor has a different endurance range and therefore on each resistor is indicated its resistance value. Each resistance value is indicated by a different color according to the colors in the "resistor code".

The code of resistors is an agreed mark indicating the degree of resistance and accuracy of the resistor.

In SCR electronic components you can find many different types of resistors from the world's leading manufacturers.

The resistors meet all required standards and undergo stringent quality resistor.

SCR ELECTRONIC COMPONENT is a well-established and leading company in electronics and electronic components since 1978.

SCR ELECTRONIC COMPONENT has thousands of satisfied customers who come back, again and again, thanks to the company's rich and professional experience, the uncompromising quality of electronic components and the quality of courteous and professional service.

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