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Heat Sinks

The function of the heat sink is to regulate the temperature of the electronic device to prevent the device from overheating.

There are many different types of cooling elements. The range of types is designed to optimally match the heat sink to the nature and need of the electronic device.

In SCR Electronic Components can be found a heat sink of different sizes and shapes.

The SCR Electron Components heat sinks are used by many customers from various industry fields.

Thanks to the courteous and professional service of the company's staff, the rich experience that lies in the company's merit, and the uncompromising quality of the products our customers return to us over and over again.

SCR Electron Components was established in 1978. Since then the company has been keeping up to date on all new developments and staying leading in electronics and electronic components field.

If you need advice our staff is available to you. You can contact us at +972 35596755 or by leaving a message on the website.

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