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Crystals and Oscillators

A crystal oscillator is designed to generate electrical frequency accuracy in a circuit and to stabilize frequencies in an electric circuit.

SCR Electronic Components have a wide selection of crystal oscillators to ensure the maximum accuracy of the frequency and voltage required in the circuit.

Here you can found Clock Crystal, Crystal Washer, SMD crystal, Low Prof HC49US crystal, High Prof HC49U crystal, Resonator Crystal and more.

The highly skilled team of SCR selects manufacturers and types of crystal oscillators to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products from the world's leading manufacturers.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries and receive a complete response to their needs both in terms of products and the professional service of SCR electronic components.

SCR Electronics was founded in 1978 by an electronics engineer and has been a leader in electronics and electronic components ever since, thanks to the company's vast experience, the uncompromising quality of the products and the professional and courteous service of the team.

If you need advice, our staff is here for you. You can contact us at +972 35596755

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