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Capacitors are used to store electrical charge and adjust the voltage to the circuit.

SCR Electronic Components have a large selection of capacitors of different materials, different sizes, different shapes, and different voltages and other parameters that ensure the exact match of the electronic capacitor to the needs of the circuit.

At SCR you can find : Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors  , Interference suppression capacitors  , Polypropylene Film capacitors  , Polyester Film capacitors  , Multilayer Ceramic capacitors  , Ceramic Disc capacitors  , Tantalum capacitors  , Tantalum SMD capacitors  , Tantalum SMD open capacitors and more.

The capacitors of SCR Electronic Components are used by many customers in a variety of industry fields such as automotive, electrical, electronics and other fields.

SCR's professional team carefully selects manufacturers of capacitors to ensure their durability and quality.

In addition, SCR transfers the capacitors in a strict and rigorous manner to ensure that our clients receive the best possible supply.

The company keeps abreast of all the developments and innovations in the field, and also continues to remain the leader in electronics and electronic components thanks to innovation, professionalism, experience, service and uncompromising quality.

If you have not found what you were looking for or if you have a question our professional staff is here to advise and help.

You can contact us at +972 35596755 or by leaving a message on the website.

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